150 Most Unpopular Opinions That People Are Sharing

Everyone has their own mindset to thinking and that is the reason people giving their own different opinions on different things. Like on food, movie, insurance, health, or more. Most people hesitating for sharing their own unpopular opinions with social media followers or friends.

Sometimes people give their funny or weird unpopular opinions. Here is the collection of unpopular opinions that are really crazy. Here is the collection of unpopular opinions that are really good.

Unpopular Opinions

Unpopular Opinions

Making the bed is a pointless chore.

The smell of coffee is better than the taste of coffee.

I can’t stand pizza with tomato sauce.

Tall men and small women love is unbreakable.

Strawberries get more credit than they deserve.

Beer out of a can tastes weird.

Going out on a date in a tracksuit isn’t disrespectful.

Orange juice with pulp is better than orange juice without pulp.

Pickle juice is delicious, nutritious, and a treat for your mouth and body.

Superman is better than batman.

Cold weather is much better than warm weather.

Showering at night is better than showering in the morning.

It is better to be hot than cold.

Nickelback is a good band.

Soda fountain Coke tastes different than a can poured over ice.

Vegetables are better than dessert.

The show Friends is painfully unfunny and is the most overrated thing ever.

Unpopular Opinions

Chocolate ice cream is absolutely disgusting.

Room-temperature butter is the truth.

I hate avocados, but I love guacamole.

Tomatoes have zero taste and ruin sandwiches.

Dresses with pockets look worse than those without them.

Milk does not build strong bones.

Long walks on the beach are not that amazing to be listed as the ideal date in every guy’s Tinder bio.

Anything fewer than four “ha”s in a “hahahaha” text is rude.

Just because I listen to emotional songs does not imply I am sad.

Brunch is not bad, but it is dramatically overrated.

It’s okay to fart in front of your significant other lol.

People are cheap and want too much for too little money.

An automatic license is as good as a manual license.

Powerpoint is dead.

AM and PM is dumb. Everyone should use 24-hour military time.

Self-checkouts are way easier than going through the cashier.

Unpopular Opinions

Ketchup be damned.

Vanilla ice cream is better than Chocolate.

Nuts in chocolate is really, really, wrong.

You can only “be yourself” in public if “yourself” is socially acceptable.

Picking your nose is the most satisfying thing ever.

Buying stylish clothes for babies is a waste of money.

The smartphone is the most dangerous device you’ve ever touched.

Pharmacists should be required to wear capes at work.

Fries with mayo are superior to fries with ketchup.

Long distance is easy with the right person.

Sitting down in the shower is better than standing up in the shower.

High school is way too romanticized and sets unrealistic expectations for teenagers.

Asking younger family members if they have a girlfriend/boyfriend yet is weird and rude.

I love severe weather.

Crushed avocados should not be eaten in public.

If you act like you don’t care don’t be mad when they find somebody who cares. Keep that same energy.

Rare steak sucks.

Rainy days are better than sunny days.

Unpopular Opinions

Looking people in the eyes while you talk to them is uncomfortable.

They started it as absolutely a good excuse.

Paper straw is really bad.

Sweating is fun, too.

So many people are so desperate for love that they forget to take the time to love and learn themselves.

Liver is beautiful, the most underrated food of all time.

Watermelon is absolutely disgusting.

I don’t like Nutella.

Overprotective parenting is an issue that doesn’t get enough attention.

Water is a lot better than most soft/sugary drinks.

People pay too much attention to other people’s business.

Tea sucks.

People over the age of 12 should eat the crust of a pizza.

Unpopular Opinions

It isn’t rude to ask a girl her age.

Job searching can be fun.

If the frosting on your cupcake is taller than the cupcake itself, that’s too much frosting.

Almost everyone can enjoy reading, but schools destroy that capability fast.

You guys don’t really want to learn about taxes, you just want to complain about school.

America should forget their tipping culture and set a minimum wage for servers.

Putting a period at the end of a text message adds aggression.

If the goal of the relationship isn’t to eventually get married & be committed forever, then what’s the point? I don’t want it.

Plain vanilla ice cream is amazing.

Clay and sky were the most awful couple that could have happened.

Bacon is very good but… like… stfu. It’s not THAT good. What’s up with the insane bacon mania???

If you can’t control your kid at a public place, then go home.

They should not have skin-colored emojis and just stuck with yellow.

Meat is overrated.

Small parties are so much better than big parties.

I actually like trailers before a movie starts at the cinema.

Having plastic surgery will not make you fake.

I kinda enjoy getting mosquito bites.

Making the bed is a pointless chore and a waste of time.

Unpopular Opinions

Knowing when to keep your mouth shut is a really underrated skill.

Barbecue Sauce is better than ketchup.

I enjoy getting my sleeves wet when I wash my hands.

People who restrict their pets from sitting/laying on their furniture shouldn’t have pets.

Money does buy happiness, and I’m tired of people saying it doesn’t.

Laughing at your own jokes is 100% normal.

All recipes should use metric measurements.

The letter ‘Q’ is unnecessary and has no reason to be in the English alphabet.

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Strict parents raise good liars.

Bragging about how little sleep you have in college is stupid.

Sleeping in jeans is nice.

What works in one relationship, won’t work for all. Learning new things with your partner is an important shared experience.

The next generation should have it easier than the previous one.

Money comes first, everything next.

Getting presents is more stressful than it is worth.

Single parents should not jump from relationship to relationship.

It’s not worth your time arguing with people on the internet.

It should be mandatory to donate your organs after you die.

A lot of ugly people are not actually ugly they just don’t take care of themselves properly.

Everyone doesn’t need to date.

Planes are very nice to be on.

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Stop motion is an underrated art, and it’s on the same level as music and drawing.

Popcorn is bad and overrated.

Covering your face in photos makes you cooler.

It’s never too cold for ice cream.

Showers need to be taken only when one feels dirty, and not twice daily because it is a norm.

People drink gin because it’s trendy.

People think that without studies, there might not be any life.

Dark chocolate digestives are better than milk chocolate digestives.

Marriage no longer works.

Don’t tell people when you and your significant other are fighting you forget everyone else will hold it against them.

I hate dumplings.

Cake is not that good.

Mashed Potato is the most disgusting thing ever invented.

Licking your fingers to handle paperwork is the most disgusting habit that isn’t called out.

Kids who succeed academically deserve scholarships more than kids on sports.

You can never find true love. So, it is better to settle for average.

Don’t follow your passion. Follow the money.

Unpopular Opinions

You won’t find true love. Better to settle for average.

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American pancakes with bacon and maple syrup are better than English ones.

Self-acceptance is bs, self-improvement is key.

It should be compulsory for children/teens to learn basic cooking skills in school.

Marriage is a patriarchal tool that gaslights women into giving away their sexual agency and the right to take up their own space.

Jamie Oliver is the most irritating man on earth.

99% of online marketing advice only works if what you’re selling is marketing.

There is no such thing as the Honey-Moon phase, if you’re in love, you’re in love. You don’t just “lose the lovey dovey” feeling after the first couple of months.

Pineapple on pizza.

However good society teaches, it promotes something else.

Anything is better than going to the gym.

People who connect with you and then send a huge message that’s full of waffle and bollocks.

Strawberries are disgusting.

White people’s weddings are uniformly dull and monotonous in all facets.

Coldplay are overrated.

Balls taste of better when dipped in salted caramel chocolate.

Open office environment is a breeding ground for germs.

Too many baby showers, not enough weddings.

Earth is a flat disk.

Colleges shouldn’t force you to take classes irrelevant to your career path.

You will die. I will die. We will be forgotten.

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When people call themselves an “Influencer” but their way of influencing is posting a few meaningless words a few times a week to inspire.

99% of poetry sucks.

Fairytales have diluted what a real relationship looks like.

Your boyfriend should not stop you from finding your husband.

People that connect with you and then message you a few times a week just to say “Hi” or “How are you”?

My unpopular opinion is that atheism is a functionally impossible position for a human consciousness to hold.

A lot of ppl think it’s cool to be around 24/7 but that’s unhealthy. Ppl need their space.

People will always believe in word- of- mouth instead of the truth.

People who have not yet had to live in the real world, working a real job and paying for their way, dictating to others on how they should live their life.

Reality Stars are not stars. So why do people claim they are? and why are they doing so well financially considering they’ve offered the community nothing as well as being not being talented?

Happy wife happy life ain’t code for let her run ya life at the expense of your own happiness.

99% of online marketing advice only works if what you are selling is marketing.

I feel like every religion has the same God but they don’t know how to pronounce its name.

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