45 Good Night Quotes, Message and Saying

good night quotes

Nowadays people are busy at work that they do not have enough time to share their feeling with their special people there, here you will get some special good night quotes that you can share with your special people. With the help of these amazing good night quotes, you will be able to make a smile on your special person’s face. And that quotes make your bond strong. And that quotes make your bond strong and give a happy night’s sleep. After watching television or Netflix and then when going to on your bed then you can also read these quotes because these good night inspirational quotes help you to give a good and happy sleep to your mind and body.

Below in this article, you will find some good night quotes or messages for sharing with your closest persons.

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Sweet Good Night Quotes and Messages

The darker the night, the brighter the stars, The deeper the grief, the closer is God! – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

They say that God sprinkles his blessings upon the earth every day and I think I have caught one it’s you! Wishing you a good night and I love you.

I don’t dream about you, because I can never fall asleep thinking about you.

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, I will try again tomorrow. – Mary Anne Radmacher

Good Night messages don’t only mean good night or sweet dreams. It also silently says that I think of you before going to bed, Good Night.

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The night is always darker before the dawn and life are the same, the hard times will pass, everything will get better and the sun will shine brighter than ever. – Ernest Hemingway

You are doing enough, Even if it doesn’t like it. And try to be always positive, don’t go to the negative ways, Try your best always, don’t try to give up. – Prism

Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light. – Dylan Thomas

Each day I wish that my dreams will come true. Then I remember that I am now with you.

May you dream of lovely things and to find them real.

The night is longer than a day for those who dream & day is longer than night for those who make their dreams come true. – Jack Kerouac

It was the possibility of darkness that made the day seem so bright. – Stephen King

One day, we will never have to say goodbye, only goodnight.

A day is going to end again. It is nice to have a friend like you making my everyday seems so great. Good night and sweet dreams.

There is no end, winners never stop. If you reach your goal, set a bigger goal. If you get to the top of the mountain, find a bigger mountain.

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Night is a wonderful opportunity to take rest, to forgive, to smile, to get ready for all the battles that you have to fight tomorrow.

It is in your power to withdraw yourself whenever you desire. Perfect tranquility within consists in the good ordering of the mind, the reality of your own. – Marcus Aurelius

If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, then you are an excellent leader.

It is an absolute human certainty, no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being. – J.J. Powell

Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own action electric light bulb. – Dalai Lama

As the moonlight dims and the world goes quiet, give yourself some rest. Here’s to hoping that your sleep is as sweet as you are.

If you trust in yourself, and believe in your dreams, and follow your star, you’ll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard and learning things and weren’t so lazy. – Terry Pratchett

Good Night all, May the words of God dance in your ears and bring Joy to your hearts as you sleep tonight!

Disappointment always arrives before hope and the darkness of night comes before the dawn. Don’t lose hope now because things will brighter with the new day. – Henry Rollins

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The day is over, night has come. Today is gone, what’s done is done. Embrace your dreams, through the night. Tomorrow comes with a whole new light.

As the night gets dark, let your worries fade. sleep peacefully knowing you’ve done all you can do for today. – Roald Dahl

Love is one of the simplest feelings. All I dream about is capturing your heart each night. You already have my heart.

Nighttime is really the best time to work. All the ideas are there to be yours because everyone else is asleep. – Catherine O’Hara

Do not think of me. I’m in ur eyes, mind, heart, soul. Everywhere ever if u want me, just close ur eyes and listen I’m saying “I miss u” Good Night.

The night may be dark, the moon may not come and the stars may hide, but don’t worry, I am here to brighten up your night, Goodnight.

I am sending you a few stars to brighten your night and have sweet and pleasant dreams.

A good night sleep tight I will be dreaming of you with all my might.

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The darkest night is often the bridge to the brightest tomorrow.

It’s time to say Good Night real world, Hello dream world.

The night breeze is blowing through my hair and the soft touch reminds me of your kisses. I wish I didn’t have to miss you this much.

Prayers should be the key in the morning and the lock at night.

I’m in my bed, you’re in your bed. One of us is in the wrong place.

When you lie down, you will not be afraid. Your sleep will be sweet.

Loving you is like breathing. How can I stop it? Good Night. See you in the dreams world.

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