145 Inspiring Steve Jobs Quotes

steve jobs quotes

Here is the best collection of Steve Jobs quotes that will motivate you to do better in your life. Steve Jobs was one of the most influential and iconic businessmen of the last century. He founded Apple Computer (now Apple Inc.), back in 1976, and at the time of his …

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190 Confucius Quotes You Can Use to Guide Your Life

Confucius Quotes

Here are the best collection of quotes from Confucius. Confucius had a lot to say about how to live your life. Confucius was a philosopher who lived in China (551-479 BC) and he had a lot of wisdom to share about how to live life. He was an expert on …

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110 Mother Teresa Quotes That Will Change Your Life

Mother Teresa Quotes

Here is the best collection of Mother Teresa quotes that will inspire you. Mother Teresa, also known as Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, was a Roman Catholic missionary who lived in India for most of her life. She devoted her life to helping the poor and sick and to bettering the …

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135 Rumi Quotes on Love, Life & Happiness

Rumi Quotes

Here is the collection of Rumi quotes that will expand your mind. Rumi (1207 – 1273), a 13th-century Persian poet, is one of the most-read poets in the world. His poems are used all over the world in both private and public readings. Rumi’s poems are popular in the West …

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